10 Days Left in America

Hi, everyone! I hope you’re all having a lovely summer!

During my next three years in Italy, I fully intend to keep in touch with all of you awesome people. You always hear people talking about those friends from high school they haven’t seen in ages, or that one person that fell off of the face of the earth. Well… I really don’t want that to happen :’D Hence, I will post life updates on this blog each week, and I would love it if you guys kept me updated on your lives, too!

Anyways, since I only have ten days left in America until college, I’ll post ten things I’ll miss dearly about America ❤
The People

Americans are awesome! Granted, so are Italians (and pretty much all people in this world), but I’ll definitely miss my family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, teachers, you name it. However, going off to college requires any student to leave these people behind for a short period of time, whether it’s in America or somewhere across the pond.

The Slang

‘Murican slang is the illest, dawg. I don’t wanna be tripping on these words ‘cuz here, they be comin’ at me at super sonic speed. But in Italy, they don’t use no slang, so I won’t be learning no slang. So please, fam, hit me up with the newest phrases that  the ‘Murican homies be sayin’. It’s gonna be lit. Thanks!


Once again, I would miss working regardless of which college I attend. I used to work at Wawa, and I currently intern at an off-campus housing company in Philadelphia. I truly love both jobs, and I’ll be so sad to leave the encouraging work environments and amazingly kind and intelligent people whom I’ve worked with. I really hope to find some kind of job as an English tutor or something of the like in Italy so I can still work, even if it’s a different kind of job!

Red Robin & Asuka & Wawa

Bottomless fries, bottomless caesar salad, delicious burgers. I will dearly miss Red Robin. The sesame chicken dinner combo special. I will dearly miss Asuka. Wawa fam… I will dearly miss Wawa. I’ll probably be saying this about every Italian cafe, gelateria, and trattoria on my way home for Christmas break, though… :’)

Free Bathrooms

Why do most European public bathrooms cost money?! Let me know, because if European, Eur-a-payin’.

The Water

L’acqua frizzante… why?! However, I love how water bottles are always affordable in public (even in touristy areas like Vatican City)! Bless up!

My Church

It’ll be strange not going to my church every Sunday, but I’m grateful I’ve already found a church to attend in Milan. Astonishingly enough, the pastor is a Baptist from America! It’ll be awesome to learn about God in such a familiar environment.

Gypsy-Free Zones

I’m kind of a friendly person, and my first trip to Europe yielded a few strange encounters with gypsies and other sketchy people! Thankfully, I’ve learned from those encounters, and I’ll know not to talk to random strangers on the street this time…


Did you know that Spotify’s free version is illegal in Italy? Oh well, I guess I’ll just need to use Spotify Premium!

The Outlets

I’ll need to use a new plug for my phone charger, my computer, and pretty much anything else that needs to be plugged in. It’s ok, though! It’s part of the European experience.

I’ll miss all of you a ton, but truly, let’s keep in touch! Add me on social media:

Facebook: Carly Cornell

Instagram: carlyycorn

Snap Chat: carlez

YouTube: miLAno
Thank you for being such amazing people. I love all of you! :*

Lots of Love,




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