Benvenuti a Milano!

A lot of amazing people have asked me, “How was your flight?! How was your first day in Italy?!” Well, there is a lot to say, so I figured I’d make a blog post about it!
PART ONE: The Struggle

Originally, my mom, my aunt and I were scheduled to fly via a connecting flight from Philadelphia to Paris and then from Paris to Milan. The flight from Philadelphia to Paris, which was scheduled for 6PM, was delayed to 7 PM. No big deal… or so we thought…

Then, upon our arriving one hour late to the Paris airport, we suddenly realized that the layover was only supposed to be one hour and five minutes! It was about 8:48, and the flight left at 9 AM! We sprinted through the airport with our overstuffed carry-on bags. We found our terminal! And it was…


The plane had taken off without us.

Thank goodness the French customer service desk scheduled us for the next flight at 1:30 PM. We were grateful to receive any flight at all, really! We stationed our belongings at the new gate, only to find that my aunt was missing her carry-on bag!

Sometimes when life gets you down, you have to CRYssant (cry, but stop crying because the chocolate croissant you’re eating is just so beautiful).

She and my mom searched the airport for it for an hour or so. Finally, they found it in customs; she had forgotten to take it with her. Relieved, we went to the lounge area, we ate some chocolate croissants, and my mom and aunt sipped on French wine while we waited for 1:30 PM to roll around.

While we waited, we admired the French fashion. Every French person we saw was dressed impeccably. It was as if the French had style in their DNA.

On the way back from the café lounge, we returned to the new gate. It was strange because the sign read “Athens.” Then, we remembered that the flight’s gate could be changed before the arrival of the aircraft. I exited the gate to see if the new flight to Milan had changed. On the way there, I ran into the only other girl from Pennsylvania who will go to Bocconi as a freshman! Shortly after, I found that the gate had, in fact, changed. Oops!

We boarded the flight to Malpensa, the airport just outside of Milan. On the flight, I found myself sitting next to the CFO of an Italian company that created gluten-free foods! The man was so vibrant, kind, and interesting to talk to. Then, I found out he was a Bocconi alumnus! What a small world. 

We arrived in Malpensa, and we boarded the express train to Cardova, the center of Milan. It was a struggle carrying four stuffed suitcases the whole time, but it was for a good cause. We then transitioned from Cordova to the Porta Genova station via metro. No, the metro was not young. 

When we exited the metro station at Porta Genova, we were welcomed with the surprise that our phones, which supposedly had ulimited international data, did not have service. Hence, that added an extra layer of fun to our attempt to find the apartment we were going to rent from Air B&B. 

When we found the apartment two hours later, we carried the suitcases up several flights of stairs and collapsed on the couch. But the day wasn’t over yet. In fact, the party had just begun. 
PART TWO: The Fun Part

At about 9 PM, the one and only Andrea Maffei and his lovely mother met me for pizza. Actually no, it was better… we met for fried pizza. Fried pizza is pretty much really chubby pizza, except it’s extra crispy on the bottom of the crust. It was absolutely amazing.

A lot of annoying guys tried making us buy flowers, so we claimed we were allergic and, therefore, uninterested. 

Then, we went to the pub to meet some of our future classmates! It was so awesome to meet people in real life after taking to them for an entire year via WhatsApp. It was also fantastic to meet new people. We spent time together in Milano Navigli, and we had mixed conversations in Italian and English. 

It was amazing to walk along the cobblestone streets of the clear-watered canal while being surrounded by tons of people laughing and chatting. The lifestyle here is so positive and leisurely. I feel like I’m on vacation right now, even though I’m about to start university. 

Tonight, I’ll stay in the hotel my mom and aunt rented. There is still chatter and live music outside of my window, and it’s a beautiful sound to fall asleep to. Tomorrow, I’ll move into my residence. Until then, thanks for reading! An update will be coming soon!
Lots of Love,
Carly 🙂 


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