Since my arrival to Milan, I’ve discovered so many lovely and spontaneous parts of Italy! If I were to mention all of them, I’d have to write a book. Instead, for the purpose of this blog post, I’ll stick to a few memorable occasions.

To start out with the basics, there are always young men doing pushups on rocks in the middle of the park near my residence. There are always those random guys who try selling roses to people in Milano Navigli, an area beside the canal where there are tons of restaurants and shops. And with that, there are always Italians who get angry at the mentioning of “Hawaiian pizza.”

A few days ago, I asked an Italian how he felt about Hawaiian pizza. He looked at me right in the eye, and he said:

Pineapple does not belong on pizza! It’s disgusting! If you ever talk about Hawaiian pizza in Italy again, an Italian will chop you up, cook you, and put you on a pizza…and it will still taste better than Hawaiian pizza!

In fact, Italians aren’t too fond of foreigners messing with their cuisine in general. I was out with some friends for an aperitivo, a common Italian tradition of having a drink and a buffet of appetizers. Two of the appetizers included tiramisu and french fries. I decided to mix the two by dipping the french fry in the tiramisu. I was at a table with five people, one of which was Italian. Never before have I seen so much confusion at once. (Really though, you should try it! It’s delicious.)

You know what else is delicious? Gelato. In the past week that I’ve been here, I’ve had a total of three gelatos. I’m actually proud of myself because I had four gelatos during the four days I traveled in Rome last year. Gelato is just so delicious here; the pistachio flavor is amazing, and I don’t even like pistachios!

It’s beautiful that the food in the supermarket is delicious, even if it’s just supermarket food. Supposedly. There’s an aisle with packages of gourmet gelato, and there’s an artisan meat and cheese section. There’s also an entire aisle dedicated to wine and beer. Only in Italy would you such a thing.

Honestly though, aperitivos are the best. Usually friends go out for an aperitivo before dinner or before an event. As previously mentioned, they’re the best at Milano Navigli; if you’re going to have an aperitivo, you might as well have one with a beautiful view of the water while being surrounded by vibrant nightlife, right?

I asked an Italian guy to say “It’s me, Mario!” in public. He did it, and it was fantastic.

The Piazza del Duomo is also amazing. It’s filled with tourists and a beautiful cathedral surrounded by a triangle of beautiful shops.

Fun fact about Italy: people don’t walk consistently on the right side of the sidewalk. It’s more of an adventure during which you must predict which side the person approaching you will choose to take. Then, you have to take the opposite side. Make sure you know this before coming to Italy so you don’t almost get run over by a bike and run into by a sprinter like I did… :’)

A half-liter water bottle at a restaurant costs one euro while a six-pack of two-liter bottles costs ninety cents at the grocery store.

Italians don’t use coffee machines… they use mochas. That’s the secret to delicious Italian-styled coffee.

More updates coming soon. Ciao! ❤

xoxo Carly




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