“Good, but Not the Best” (and Other Italian Trends)

Arguably the most popular Italian pop song at the moment is “Bene Ma Non Benissimo,” a catchy song by Italian Pop Star “Shade.” The song’s title translates to “Good, but Not the Best.” The song has invoked mixed reactions, given that its music is catchy, but its lyrics have next to no meaning. To read them for yourself, tap the link below:


To listen to the song, tap this link:

Italians also adore sushi. This fact is evidence of the beautiful way that globalization is affecting this world.

Italians love to ride their bikes and motorcycles instead of driving. It saves energy, and it’s easier to find a parking spot. If they don’t have a bike or a motorcycle, they buy a small car and park it on the sidewalk when there are no parking spots left. 

The parties here are all super late. Usually, the clubs open at 7 to 10 at night, and they close at 5 or 6 in the morning. So much for a normal sleep cycle!

Italians are so adorable because they sometimes sing random songs in public. Last Saturday, a group of Italian young adults chanted a traditional song from their hometown. About twenty meters away, another group of Italian young adults continued the songlike chant, and they continued back and forth. It was so cute! ❤

This is slightly off-topic, but Italians (as well as people of other cultures) sometimes have such random ideas! I saw a man standing up on the back of his friend’s bike as the friend rode it. Also, a few nights ago, some friends and I walked through Bocconi’s campus at about 12 A.M. on our way home. In the parking lot, we saw a parked car running with its internal lights on. And inside? A man playing the flute! We couldn’t believe our eyes. He was so concentrated, but we all burst into laughter because something so random really would happen only in Italy :’)

Italians are forced to study math… therefore, so am I! This is a huge adjustment; in the States, I learned math and practiced it with excercises. Here, we learn math and study it. We even memorize theorems word-for-word…it’s so strange! 

Lastly, something Italians don’t do: drink cappuccinos after dinner. In America, people commonly consider this the “Italian way” to finish a meal. Here, Italians shake their heads with disappointment when the American and Canadian tourists finish their meals with coffee. Well, now you know!

Thanks for reading, and see you next week! ❤



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    Glad to see that you are enjoying Italy! If you get any emails from: richard.kesser@tnsglobal.com, mailto:richard.kesser@tnsglobal.com, he is Don’s cousin’s son. He travels the world. I told him to contact you and give you some ideas on places you might enjoy seeing. He is an extremely nice guy and really fun to talk to also.


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