A seed, carried on the wind, danced through the sky distances far and wide before landing upon the soil. It thought its life was over, but little did it know, it had only just begun.

The seed whimpered at first, afraid of what could come in this strange, new place. But it buried itself in the warm soil, hiding away from the world.

Soon, the sky cried tears of joy for the seed’s coming. The seed peeked up, and accepted the sky’s offering of fresh water and fresh hope.

The sun forced the sky to regain control of its emotions. It took the throne, and welcomed the seed with its warmth.

Then, the seed began to grow. It grew and grew, and the more it did, the more it knew. The more it saw what the world had to offer, the more it found that this strange, new place wasn’t all that strange anymore.

But it was new. It would always be new because for every new thing learned, a plenitude of undiscovered things still remained. To the outside eye, the seed had grown to know the land, but the open eye could see that the seed’s creative mind carried it away to magical journeys in the wonders of endless adventure.

Then, the seed found itself a sprout. A sapling. A small flower. Then, finally, a beautiful sunflower towering high above the land, reaching towards the sky, which had no limits. And the taller it grew, the more it saw, the more questions it asked, and the more it discovered.

And today, this sunflower still grows, still asks, still discovers. It’s up to us to listen to it, and to its other companions. Because ideas must be exchanged to further the growth of others, and of ourselves. And the more we know, the more we understand, and the freer we will be. A clearer conscience we will have, a magical world we will see, a greater adventure we will find.

And the greater adventure we will find, the greater indepenndence we will hold. And our greatest dreams will live on into reality.

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“Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our stories won’t have titles until much later.”

                                                                                                                        -Robert Goff


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